Aboveground Pool Opening

Posted in Pool Maintenance, pool maintenance tips on March 13 , 2018

Prior to opening your pool, you want to make sure that the cover is clean. Make sure there isn’t any water or debris on your cover before you begin taking the cover off otherwise, it could end up in the pool.

Before taking the cover off:

  •       Drain water off the top of the cover by using a winter cover pump
  •       Remove leaves and debris off the top of the cover with a skimmer net
  •       Remove return jet plugs, skimmer plugs, and/or Wizzmo/Gizzmo. Replace your return line with the proper eyeball or jet fitting and replace the skimmer basket.
  •       Replace the drain plug(s) on your pump and your filter, replace the pressure gauge and sight glass on your filter as well.
  •       Be sure to check the lid o-ring on your pump housing at this time, bend it with your fingers all around to check for any cracks in the rubber. An old, dried, and cracked o-ring can cause it to pull air resulting in the loss of pressure or a leak.
  •       We recommend putting a garden hose under the cover and filling the pool up before taking the cover off, it makes it much easier to take the cover off if the water level is higher.

To begin opening your pool:

  •       Make sure you have a friend! This job requires two people for both above ground and inground pools.
  •       Carefully remove your cover without getting any debris in the pool, however if some dirt or debris does get into the pool, using the proper cleaning equipment & chemicals later will help.
  •       After getting the cover off, lay the cover out and use water, a winter cover cleaner, and a brush to clean off your cover. If you used water tubes or an air pillow, make sure to empty & dry them out before storing them. IMPORTANT: do not store your cover in your shed or garage, mice and ants are known to eat holes in the cover, use a tightly covered plastic container to store your winter cover.
  •       Next, you’ll need to turn on the filter system. First, you’ll need to prime the pump. Make sure everything is shut off and unplugged, remove the pump lid, and fill the housing with water using a bucket or a garden hose until the housing is full of water and put the lid back on. If the pool is fairly clear, put the filter setting on “filter” and turn the pump on, if the pool is green, put the filter setting on “recirculate” and turn the pump on.
  •       Clean the pool of any debris you can, if there’s a lot on the bottom, carefully scoop it out with a leaf net. Next, vacuum what’s left on the “waste” or “drain” setting on your filter.
  •       Before testing your water, you can shock your pool using the proper amount of sanitizer, brush the sides and bottom of the pool well in order to get everything off the liner and into the water so the filter can remove it.
  •       After the water has been circulating for at least 24 hours, using a regular water bottle (soda or juice bottles can alter readings) or your water sample bottle, dip down elbow-length into the water to get a sample and bring it into the store for proper testing, it is important to follow these steps so that we can give you an accurate test.
  •       After the pool is clean, you can begin installing your pool ladder or steps. IMPORTANT: make sure that the ladder or steps are clean before reinstalling them, algae can grow inside the ladder and feed into the pool water. You can clean them with a cleaning pad and a 1:1 mixture of bleach or liquid chlorine and water, also adding this mixture into the hollow interior of the ladder or steps will help prevent future algae growth.


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