Finding a Hole in the Liner

Posted in pool maintenance tips on May 7 , 2015

Finding a hole in the swimming pool liner can be done in a number of different ways. The easiest way is to simply look for the hole with your eyes. If you cannot see the hole in the liner by just looking at the pool then the next step would be to get into the pool. If you have a pair of water goggles they will be able to help you see under the water. This step will only work if your swimming pool is clear. If your swimming pool is green, you will need to clean before you can jump in and look for the leak.

Once you are in the swimming pool you will want to completely visually inspect the liner’s seams first to see if you have a torn seam. This is common with above ground swimming pool liners. If you cannot find a leak in the seam you will now want to start looking for holes in other areas of the pool liner.

You can also detect a pool leak using testing dye found at Cavanaugh Pool, Spa, & Patio in Madisonville. If one is not available, you can also use basic food coloring to help you find the leak. Be sure to use a dark colored food coloring and place it into a small eyedropper or syringe. While you are in the pool, squirt a bit of food coloring out of the syringe towards the area of the pool liner that you think is leaking and if it is, you will see the food coloring get sucked out of the pool.