Vinyl Pool Liners

Madisonville Vinyl Pool Liner Options

Cavanaugh Pool, Spa, & Patio uses only the best vinyl liner products available for both inground and above ground pools. Click on the sorting option to divide by type.

Inground Pool Liner Options

Complement your pool design with an attractive designer pool liner. Unlike concrete and fiberglass, inground vinyl pool liners are easy to clean, soft to the touch and look fantastic.

Inground liners are strong and durable, made from the finest virgin vinyl available and treated with a special fungicide to inhibit bacteria growth and protect your family’s health. Virtually maintenance-free, the smooth surface of a vinyl liner is far easier to clean than other pool surfaces.

Above Ground Pool Liners

Choosing an aboveground liner for your pool can make all the difference. Please view our selection of aboveground liners.