Pool Services


Let Cavanaugh Pool, Spa, & Patio get your pool and spa ready for the season.  We offer a variety of pool opening services, please contact the store and discuss your options with the service department. 


Closing your pool and spa correctly for the off season is vital in making sure your pool stays healthy and can be opened without incident. Our pool professionals will test and balance your water chemistry, drain and prep the equipment with antifreeze, remove and store equipment, and cover the pool, getting it in the best shape for winter.

Pool Equipment Repair and Replacements

Our well-trained pool technicians are able to repair and replace any pool equipment. Whether you’re in need of a simple repair or wanting to upgrade to energy-efficient equipment, the professionals at Cavanaugh Pool, Spa, & Patio are ready to help.

Inground Liner Replacement

Give your inground vinyl-liner pool a new, updated look when you choose one of our liner options. We offer a variety of patterns and colors that will give your pool the pop it needs to transform your backyard.

Aboveground Liner Replacement

Give your aboveground pool a new look when you choose one of our liner options. We offer a variety of patterns and colors that will complement your backyard. Call us today to set up an aboveground liner replacement appointment.

Sand Changes

Cavanaugh Pool, Spa, & Patio also offers sand filter changes. While your filter will last years, over time, it will not be as efficient as it used to since the sand’s roughness becomes smooth.The rough sand is what makes it efficient at filtering out the dirt particles in your pool’s water, so our technicians will come to your house, remove the old sand, clean out the filter and replace the sand, making it as good as new.

Leak Detection

It’s normal for your pool to lose small amounts of water due to normal pool use, environmental conditions, water temperature and backwashing. However, there are instances when water loss is problematic, which can cause severe damage if not repaired immediately. Contact the leak detection specialists at Cavanaugh Pool, Spa, & Patio to get your pool leak in control and back in working order.

Hot-Tub Repair

Cavanaugh Pool, Spa, & Patio offers a variety of hot tub services, including, but not limited to draining, cleaning and refilling, in-home installation and training, repair on most brands, and weekly chemical and cleaning service. Give us a call today to set up your service and repair appointment to let our hot tub technicians get your tub running at full efficiency.