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Radiant Pools


Metric Series Freeform Pool

Radiant Pools proudly offers you the Metric Series Freeform Pool. Radiant Pools manufactures state of the art energy efficient pools that are strong enough to be installed above ground, in ground, and semi-inground.

Radiant Pools insulated walls resist heat loss more efficiently than any other type of pool wall. Heat gained from the sun is retained, maintaining water temperature even overnight, when other types of pools lose up to 10 degrees F. The Radiant insulated wall panels help the water heat up faster and keep the water warmer longer, extending the swimming season by up to 2 months.

Why Radiant? The Radiant Pool wall is stronger than steel, polymer, even 12″ of concrete and will never rust, warp or crack. The acrylic-coated aluminum walls resist oxidation and corrosion as well as provide extra liner protection. All aluminum components make this pool completely rust free.