Outdoor Fireplaces & Firepits

With a custom fire pit built into your patio, you introduce a social element that didn’t exist before. Since a fireplace is a central point for conversation, the future pool parties and outdoor celebrations you have will last longer and be better overall. When you incorporate a fireplace into your outdoor living mix, everything and everyone benefit from it. The light from the fire makes your pathway glow, your pool water shine and keeps your friends and family warm.

After numerous installs of custom fire pits throughout Madisonville, Owensboro Hopkinsville and the surrounding area, we’ve perfected the art of design and installation. Because no fireplace is the same, you have many options to choose from. For instance, you can choose a round fireplace, towering fireplace, stone fireplace or brick fireplace. And these are only a few options. We can literally create any kind of custom fire pit you want.

With 9 models that are pre-designed and have different options, it is easy to find your dream Fireplace.  But if you are not satisfied with one of these, we can custom build you any firepit or fireplace that you dream of. dream of.


Free Local Delivery on all Fire-Pits and Fire-Places.


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