3 COMMON POOL OWNER MISTAKES - Madisonville Owensboro Kentucky

June 15/2021

Nobody's perfect. We all make mistakes. But learning from other's mistakes is much less painful than making them ourselves. Here are 3 common pool owner mistakes to avoid so you can have a care free pool season.

Mistake #1 - Open the pool in June
Every year there are those good intentioned pool owners who wait until the sun is shining and the weather is hot until they pull back the winter cover. Thinking that they will have everything ready for their pool party the next day, they are disappointed to find the pool water is green, or there pump has seized over the winter. Now they are in panic mode to get things cleaned up and repaired or forced to cancel the much anticipated pool party. Either way, some simple planning could have avoided the entire situation. The key is open your pool early in the season. Give yourself plenty of time to handle unforeseen issues before the warm weather hits. You might not want to swim in March but it is the perfect time to get the ball rolling.

Mistake #2 - Throw good money after bad
Unexpected break downs catch all of us by surprise. It's how we deal those surprises that show our wisdom or lack of it. Whether it's a leaking pool filter, a noisy pump, or a heater that won't fire up, there comes a point when you need to determine if it is worth repairing. If a repair is going to cost at least half the price of a new unit then it's better to invest that money into something that will last, and you will get a new warranty. Most newer models are more energy efficient which will save energy costs in the long run. For example, new variable speed pumps will often pay for themselves in the course of 2 years with the amount saved from electric bills. Time and again we hear pool owners say 'I wish I did it right the first time.' Don't throw good money after bad. Invest in the best.

Mistake #3 - All I need is chlorine
A common mistake for new pool owners is thinking that 'All I need is chlorine.' Chlorine by itself might keep the water clear, but clear water is not the only concern in a swimming pool. Liquid acid is also clear, but none of us are going to swim in it. Properly balancing the pool water is a key to bather comfort, and the longevity of the pool. Keeping the alkalinity, pH, and calcium levels in the correct ranges will help prevent red itchy eyes or dry skin. Low mineral levels mean that the water is acidic which not only draws out the oils from our skin, but can even eat away at plastics and metals in the pool. Unbalanced water could result in eroded heat exchangers, cause pump seals to fail, deteriorate pool covers, or even wear away your pool surface. While it might cost a little more to balance the water initially, you are really protecting your investment in the long run.

Knowing what mistakes to avoid will help you enjoy your pool to the full this season. For expert advice, any superior products trust the pro's.

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