First of all, we are sorry to hear that your pool is green. We understand that it is frustrating and time consuming to get it clean so the family can enjoy it again.

Book Swimming Pool Green to Clean Service

With our Green to Clean service you can be sure your pool is back to clean as fast as possible. This is a service that may require several trips to you pool and take a couple days.

Our Green to Clean service includes all the chlorine needed to kill the algae bloom. The pump and filter will need to continuously run 24 hours a day while our service is being preformed. The chemical balance of the water should be in the proper ranges at all times but if it needs to be adjusted we will supply you with a water analysis.

Water balancing products are not included but we will send you a quote for the products and add them to the pool as part of this service. We will monitor the operation of the filter and backwash the filter when necessary.(please fill the pool as needed and backwash as necessary) Cartridge and DE filters will need to be cleaned after the algae bloom is gone and is not included in this service.

If the pool is full of debris extra charges will apply.

Pricing and optional add-on services will be displayed within the online booking system.